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Do you want FREE STEM resources for your school?

Do you want to develop your pupils skills?

Do you want to take part in our fantastic FREE CPD sessions for TEACHERS & PARENTS?

STEMFirst are proud to coordinate the STEM Ambassadors Hub for Lancashire and Cumbria working with our Cumbrian colleagues at C-STEM.

This is a special bulletin to offer Cumbrian PRIMARY and SECONDARY Schools the opportunity to :

  • Attend our FREE CPD for Teachers, Employers and Parents
  • Receive a FREE copy of our highly recommended 'Engineering Fairy Tales' resource
  • Meet STEM Ambassador volunteers and find out how to link your school with local employers to inspire, inform and raise awareness of STEM.[pontend]

    STEMFirst is funded by STEM Learning to provide a FREE service to schools in Lancashire and Cumbria. Our Aim is to ensure that all young people, regardless of background, are encouraged to understand the excitement and importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

    We can help your school to understand the range of hands-on STEM opportunities available, how STEM Ambassadors can support awareness of the career opportunities STEM subjects can lead to, and help young people make informed choices about their futures.

    1. Information for Employers/Volunteers who may want to join the STEM Ambassador Programme:

    The STEM Ambassador Programme is a National Government funded programme to link employers with young people. It is THE Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Programme in the UK and is FREE for employers, education and any Youth organisation to get involved.

    There are over 30,000 STEM Ambassadors from more than 2,500 different employers Nationally involved in the STEM Ambassador Programme. They volunteer their time, enthusiasm and experiences to encourage and inspire young people to progress further in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

    The UK is split into 19 different STEM Ambassador regions, called 'STEM Ambassador Hubs'. The STEM Ambassador Hub for Lancashire and Cumbria is led by STEMFirst, is one of the most active hubs in the country and has won multiple awards for its engagement with employers and young people. STEMFirst co-ordinates over 2000 STEM Ambassador volunteers, who collectively undertook over 37k volunteering hours with young people, in 2018 alone.

    Through a range of activities, including STEM competitions, mentoring, talks and mini-challenges, STEM Ambassadors play an essential role in inspiring the next generation with the world of STEM subjects and careers. Their support though isn't just limited to the classroom - STEM Ambassadors work with youth groups, uniformed groups, teachers, clubs, libraries or within their own organisations by inviting young people to 'see inside' the world of STEM. We only ask for one volunteering activity per STEM Ambassador per year, however many of our volunteers do so much more!

    To register go to and click REGISTER on the top banner. Follow through your registration ensuring you choose STEM AMBASSADOR as an option.

    By joining the scheme you will receive an Enhanced DBS check, on-line training and be covered by our National insurance - ensuring that you are covered with the work you undertake with young people and their influencers.

    The scheme is completely free of charge for employers and schools.

    Many STEM Employers link with the scheme as it gives them national recognition for their STEM / Education outreach and engagement, and allows personnel development via free training, networking and on-line resources. To find out more visit our website or the National STEM Ambassador website at . Or contact Helen Heggie or Sue Hargreaves to find out more about STEM in Lancashire and Cumbria, or for any questions regarding the STEM Ambassador programme.

    We hope you would like to join us to inspire the next generation of STEM professionals.

    2. For Teachers / Schools

    STEMFirst is an Educational Consultancy, whose aim is to inspire young people about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We signpost schools to free opportunities and links to employers, with support from our STEM Ambassador volunteers in order to add a real-world perspectives to lessons.

    Our main FREE offer is that we run the STEM Ambassador programme for Lancashire and Cumbria. The STEM Ambassador programme is a National programme, that is funded by Central Government and co-ordinated by STEM Learning. STEMFirst are proud to have been involved in the programme since 2009 and we now look after, along with our partners C-STEM, the STEM Ambassador Hub for Lancashire and Cumbria. Through this volunteering programme we recruit, train and deploy people from STEM backgrounds into schools to support sessions free of charge. We have over 1800 STEM Professionals that act as volunteers to come into schools and colleges to work with students, just waiting for opportunities to engage with!

    STEM sessions could be team skills challenges, talks about ' a day in a life', dragons den judging, help with linking the curriculum to real-world science and maths, whatever STEM takes your fancy! In order to request these volunteers you need to register to our STEM Ambassador website and publish requests for help. The more interesting and attractive the request, the more likely it is to gather support from our volunteers. To register go to and register for a TEACHER account. You can then go to your dashboard and ADD AN ACTIVITY to request support. For detailed instructions, please contact

    Once you put a request on the STEM Ambasador website, look out for emails that will tell you if someone has expressed an interest in volunteering. You then need to follow the link in the email back to the STEM Ambassador website, accept their offer of support and then swap email addresses via the message function! Good luck and we hope to see lots of new requests shortly. For any other free resources, STEM support or opportunities please keep an eye on our website at and look out for our half termly STEM Newsletter which also gives information about local competitions, resources, events and teacher CPD/employer twilights - All FREE of Charge.


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