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Get Cumbria Buzzing with Cumbria Wildlife Trust Details


'Get Cumbria Buzzing' is a new education project about pollinators set up by Cumbria Wildlife Trust (CWT). The project aims to work with schools and local communities to create havens for wild pollinators such as bumblebees, butterflies and hoverflies across West Cumbria and the A66.

Get Buzzy!

Throughout march 2019-2022 CWT is providing a range of activity sessions for Primary Schools across the West Coast of Cumbria and along the A66 linked to pollinators and wildflower habitats.

Activities can take place in your school or at a nearby community site and can be tailored to suit your curriculum needs. Example activities are as follows:

The Get Cumbria Buzzing Pollination talk - 30-minute fun & interactive presentation on the importance of pollination for a school assembly or in addition to workshops below
The Bumblebee game - A 1-hour activity that's great fun and helps to reinforce learning about plant reproduction through pollination. This activity requires some physical activity (running around) and the use of an outdoor play area or indoor hall
The Humble Bumble - A 1-hour session enabling children to learn incredible facts about this very gentle creature, its life cycle and the different species than can be found in the locality and the UK. An interactive PowerPoint session is followed by an opportunity for children to learn how to identify and record the 6 common species of bumblebees safely in and around their school grounds. The records will then be sent to a local and national database and will help our Cumbria pollinator atlas.
The Artful Bee - Get Creative making bumblebee masks or models using a variety of materials whilst learning why bumblebees and other pollinators are so important for the production of the food we eat 1-2 hours' activity depending on time available.
Wildflower planting - A 1-3-hour activity that's a bit messy and great fun planting wildflowers in the school grounds or at a local community site (travel expenses paid)
Mini-beast detectives - 1-2-hour activity to discover what insects inhabit wildflowers and investigate how they have adapted to their environment. Learn about why wildflowers are such an important habitat for our wild pollinators and other wildlife. Take a closer look at 'pollination in action' and discover what really happens! Can be done in School grounds or tagged onto a wildflower planting session.

Buzzy teachers!
Teacher training sessions can be coordinated to coincide with workshops or as a 1-2 hour after-school session with-in your school. The session will equip teachers with the necessary skills, knowledge and materials to identify bumblebees and other pollinators, run wildflower/pollinator visits and activities and provide pollinator-friendly habitats in your school grounds.


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