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Sellafield Ltd are supporting PA Consulting to deliver their annual Raspberry Pi competition Details


To support the national ambition to boost engagement with STEM subjects, PA Consulting run an annual competition for students in primary school, secondary school and sixth form/college that challenges them to use their ingenuity to invent something using a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. The competition encourages creative thinking, teamwork, coding and engineering skills.

For this year's competition, we're asking students across the UK to imagine a world where we can protect habitats while making the best use of natural resources. Where we can travel simply, safely and without pollution. And where we can enjoy sustainably-sourced food with minimal waste.

This is the positive human future we know is possible. But it'll take a different perspective to come up with ingenious ways to make it happen. That's why our Raspberry Pi Competition is challenging students to design technology for the sustainable city of tomorrow. It could be a community-based renewable energy network, a futuristic plan for housing that promotes inclusivity, or a new health network that ensures people get the care they need when they need it. There's no limit to the possibilities.

Teams span the length and breadth of the UK, from Norwich to Deganwy , from Belfast to Newcastle, and from Plymouth to Wick

The competition is completely free to enter - the only cost is your time and any equipment you need (up to the £100 limit) although there are 100 free Raspberry Pi development kits available (including a Raspberry Pi, case, power supply, SD card, keyboard and mouse) which will be allocated on a first come first served basis to all age categories of the Raspberry Pi Competition. You will be notified by PA Consulting if you are eligible to claim as soon as practically possible after your application is received. Free starter kits are limited to a maximum of two per school, college or club.

The competition is split into different age categories

· School years 4-6
· School years 7-9
· School years 10-11
· School years 12-13

The 2019/2020 competition launched in October 2019, with the final date for submissions in March 2020.

Three teams are selected from each age category as finalists, who we then invite to an inspiring awards day. The awards day will take place in April 2020 where a panel of expert judges choose a winner from each category, awarding the school £1,000 as well as a trophy and medals.

Some students have had commercial success ! In 2013, Air Pi was developed into a commercial product which sold over 1,000 units during the two years it was available

Please click on the link below to find out more or to register your interest


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