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Cavendish Nuclear - Glove Box Challenge Details


The Sellafield Product and Residue Store Retreatment Plant (SRP) is a plant specifically designed to treat nuclear waste and keep it secure for around 100 years

Due to the nature of the waste being highly toxic, extreme care must be taken when dealing with it
Sellafield Ltd, who we at Cavendish Nuclear work closely with, have designed an entire building - the SRP - that sorts and re-stores the waste using high-tech equipment and failsafe solutions.
Lots of this work is done within a glovebox and can be very difficult because of all the layers needed to protect the workers.
The secure gloves let the operator work without touching any radioactive objects with bare hands. The protection provided by the gloves and the glovebox prevents illness and injury from radiation exposure.
The glove boxes are used for a variety of purposes. For example, most are used for maintenance but others are used to sort out empty storage cans.

Cavendish Nuclear will bring a Glove Box to your school to help the children understand how a glovebox affects the task and to engage young people in the practical engineering problems faced by Babcock and Cavendish during their working days.

The activity can be conducted as either a standalone event or at the end of a series of lessons discussing radiation and nuclear power.

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