• Enabling pupils to make the link between what they are learning and the world of work

Primary Schools

Primary Schools

The Primary Business Partnership creates effective and mutually beneficial school-business partnerships. Once you have registered with us, one of our brokers will discuss with you your objectives and priorities.

Businesses registering with us go through a similar process to identify what they would like to achieve through partnering with a school.

You will then be matched and partnered with a suitable business.

Here are some examples of activities which may result from your partnership:

  • Classroom sessions: local businesses could visit your school to tell students about their company (we offer support to companies to make the delivery appropriate to your students’ age group).
  • Participation in established schemes: local businesses may already run, or wish to involve you in established engagement programmes such as Bright Stars or Lego League. Click to see our directory of pre-existing opportunities.
  • Curriculum input: local businesses could bring their expertise to your lesson planning.
  • Skills for teachers: local businesses may be able to offer training or advice to your teachers on areas such as finance, teamwork, leadership or performance management.
  • Governor post: local businesses may have someone who would be interested in becoming a governor.
  • Site visits: your students could visit a business premises, perhaps have a meeting in the Boardroom or visit a factory to see an example of the working world.

We will continue to work with you to ensure you receive ongoing support from your broker.