• Enabling pupils to make the link between what they are learning and the world of work



You or your Company can help build the future and benefit too!

Would you like to give your staff more job satisfaction, broader skills and networking opportunities?

Would you like to raise your company profile in your local community?

Would you like to inspire and connect with your future work force?

Would you like us to promote an activity or session you already deliver?

If yes – then join Primary Business Partnership

Primary Business Partnership (PBP) is a free brokerage and signposting service to help schools and businesses forge greater links to support career-related learning in the classroom.


Here are some examples of activities which may result from your partnership: with links

  • Classroom sessions:you could visit schools to tell students about your company or share your career journey to inspire kids to DREAM BIG !!(we offer support for you to make the delivery appropriate to the students’ age group) – LINK TO RESOURCES OR THE VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES SHEET
  • Participation in established schemes:your business may already run a scheme that we can help promote, or you may wish to get involved in an established engagement programme such as Bright Stars or Lego League. Click to see our directory of pre-existing opportunities.
  • Curriculum input:you could offer your expertise to the teachers to input ideas about the world of work and support topic work with real world examples (we can help broker these links and support you) …Link to profile form to complete
  • Skills for teachers:your business may be able to offer training or advice to teachers on areas such as finance, teamwork, leadership or performance management
  • Governor post:one of your employees may be interested in becoming a governor
  • Site visits:you could welcome students to your business premises to meet the team
  • Parent mentoring or coaching:as a way of helping schools to increase parental engagement you could offer mentoring or coaching to parents

Full ongoing support will be offered from the Primary Business Partnership team and training is offered in delivering engaging sessions to young people

Aspiration Sessions

We facilitate these fun and interactive morning or afternoon sessions (generally about 1.5 to 2 hours) for Year 5 and 6 pupils to broaden and raise their career aspirations. We like to have at least 4 volunteers for each event from the local business community.

You just need to turn up and talk briefly about you career journey to date. In an nutshell, they are loads of fun, you get to meet other employers and the pupils really do get a lot out of them.

All you have to do is send a photo of yourself along with 4 to 5 brief bullet points on your career to date. Just very simple, as we put it into a PowerPoint presentation. We facilitate the session and you will only need to speak for about 5 or so minutes about your career and then answer questions. The kids are also interested in what kind of volunteering you might have done, particularly if it helped you in getting a job.

Contact your PBP Brokerage Manager on 01900 824 822 or email [email protected] to find out more.

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